This Cancer Patient is Saving abandoned Children with a lot of Care while losing his own life

We are living the most troubled time in the history having multiple hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and what not around us. A great sum of people is dying and many are struggling to breathe while others are unsafe even in their homes. States are calling for war, governments are building walls between abroad brothers, and nuclear outburst has ruined the nice and humanitarian image of this world. In such terrible time locating people who are helping each other with no hope of return are the gems just like Muhammad Bzeek.

This 62-years-old man is taking care of abandoned children as his biological offspring just because he wants to show his compassion to children who have nobody around them caring and offering some nourishing assistance. He has many foster kids with a biological son who is handicapped. His wife passed away quite a while ago and he transformed his loneliness into mending the loneliness of other people who have similar circumstances.

He says that we should treat each other as human beings no matter what caste, creed or religion we belong to and that every kid has a right to have a family, his mother, father, brothers, and sisters. He is offering the home to those who are abandoned by their parents for some reason.

He talked about an infant who has a terminal illness and his parents have already dropped him out of their house. He is ill and requires medication but his parents carelessly threw him away in the hands of the cruel world but Muhammad has saved him.

The feeling of volunteering for such a good social cause came when Muhammad was diagnosed with cancer and he had to go to the hospital alone for the surgery having nobody with him for comfort. He told in his video that he felt like these children feel, alone and abandoned. His son is handicapped who can