Brave Loyal Dog Sacrificed His Own Life To Save His Family From A Gang Of Thieves

The family dog is not just a pet, but more like a member of the family. In Merauke, Indonesia, Achy Wijaya woke up and found his furry friend near death in the yard of his home. Achy had heard her dog barking just the night before and was devastated to learn that the dog had been poisoned – intentionally!

The dog had prevented the house from being robbed but had lost its life in the process. Achy posted the images and the sad story on her Facebook page. The family all heard the dog barking frantically, but assumed it had seen a cat or something and no one got up to see what was happening.

The dog suddenly stopped barking – but the next morning was found lying in his own vomit and a mouth full of foam. It was Sunday, and there was no way to get the dog medical help.

Take a look at this video

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