Another Case Of Dog Death Due To Heatstroke.

It Seems Like People Love To Keep Pets But They Do Not Show Any Commitment When It Comes To The Care About Pets. A Large Number Of Cases Has Been Reported About Pet Locked In The Over Heated Car And Sometimes If The Situation Prolonged For Extended Hours It Can Kill The Animal. Another Case Of Irresponsible Behavior Was Reported Recently Which Ended Up In The Dreadful Death Of A Dog. A Dog Named Damoo Was Locked By His Owner In A Metallic Cage And Left In The Sun. He Forgot His Dog Being Kept Outside In The Heat Without Any Supply Of Food And Water.

A Passerby Called The Police When He Sensed Something Strange. When Hillsborough County Animal Services Reached The At The Site They Found Damoo Dead Due To Scorching Heat Exceeding The Limit Of Thermometer 131 Fahrenheit. They Also Searched The Place For Other Animals When They Heard Some Lousy Noises. They Found 2 Other Dogs Locked In A Cupboard.

But Fortunately, They Remained Safe And Alive Besides Suffocated Area. Rescue Team Sent The Dogs, Texas And Fiona, For Some Medical Aid. A Veterinarian Requested The Public To Follow Some Guidelines To Keep Their Pets Safe From Heat And Sun. Avoid Taking Your Dog For A Walk Afternoon Hour To Save The Pet