Ancient Remedy That Treats All Kinds Of Diseases! You’ll Be Surprised How Efficient It Is!

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This is a Tibetan cure based on the healing properties of garlic This solution is very potent and it will help you restore your health. Thanks to this recipe, you will cleanse your body, eliminate infections, control the blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boost your immune system, battle cancer, and much more.

One of the most potent plants in nature is garlic, which has incredible healing impacts. People have been using these effects for creating numerous natural solutions for centuries now. This recipe has been invented a long time ago by Buddhist monks, and it is very simple and easy to prepare, while it is affordable at the same time.

People have been using this Tibetan garlic cure to improve and maintain their health. This recipe has also been used as an efficient tool for losing weight, as a part of a healthy diet. Discover how to prepare it and which benefits you will experience in a short time.

Benefits of consuming this Tibetan treatment with garlic

Here is a list of some of the diseases this solution will help you battle:

  • Vision issues
  • Gastritis
  • Sinusitis
  • Thrombosis
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Hearing issues and ear infections
  • Rheumatism
  • Anemia
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Hemorrhoids and digestive tract issues

Furthermore, you will quickly notice certain changes in your body, and your health state will be improved at an integral level. Your life quality will be restored, along with the general state of your body, including:

  • You will burn fat and lose weight
  • You will improve your blood circulation
  • You will improve the function of your kidneys and liver
  • You will reduce the formation of varicose veins and thrombi
  • You will regulate your blood pressure
  • You will lower the levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol
  • You will detoxify your body and battle fluid retention
  • You will strengthen your immunity and increase the body’s defenses

How to prepare the Tibetan priest with garlic?


  • 250 milliliters of 70-percent alcohol for consumption
  • 350 grams of fresh garlic


  1. You are recommended to use organic garlic or garlic cultured by yourself. Start by peeling the garlic cloves then slice them. Then, add them to a glass bowl, and add the alcohol into it too.
  2. Mix the ingredients well, and then cover the glass container tightly.
  3. Place the glass container in the refrigerator and keep it there for ten days approximately.
  4. Ten days later, you will notice that the liquid has become greenish in color. You can then take it out of the fridge and filter the mixture. Strain, and then pour the liquid in a clean, airtight glass container.
  5. Let the liquid in the fridge stay for three more days. After this time of maceration, you can consume the solution.

Considering that this Tibetan remedy is very powerful, there is a protocol for the body to get used to it, and adapt to the taste and the effects. Start the treatment according to this scheme, taking the certain amount of drops after each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner):

  • 1st day: 1 drop in the morning, 2 drops at noon, and 3 drops in the evening.
  • 2nd day: 4 drops in the morning, 5 drops at noon, and 9 drops in the evening.
  • 3rd day: 7 drops in the morning, 8 drops at noon, and 9 drops in the evening.
  • 4th day: 10 drops in the morning, 11 drops at noon, and 10 drops in the evening.
  • 5th day: 13 drops in the morning, 14 drops at noon, and 12 drops in the evening.
  • 6th day: 15 drops in the morning, 14 drops at noon, and 13 drops in the evening.
  • 7th day: 12 drops in the morning, 11 drops at noon, and 10 drops in the evening.
  • 8th day: 9 drops in the morning, 8 drops at noon, and 7 drops in the evening.
  • 9th day: 6 drops in the morning, 5 drops at noon, and 4 drops in the evening.
  • 10th day: 3 drops in the morning, 2 drops at noon, and 1 drop in the evening.
  • From day 11 on: you are expected to take 25 drops a day, three times a day until you finish the Tibetan solution with garlic.

Do not forget that when you finish this treatment, you are not allowed to repeat it again in the following 5 years.

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