All you ever needed to know about Lightning ????

Lightning strikes

What is lightning?

Lightning can be defined as an unexpected electrostatic discharge that takes place during a thunderstorm. In fact, when the negatively charged particles become too heavy then they repel each other and produce a giant spark within the clouds. This spark is known as Lightning.

Most of the times, lightning happens with in a cloud. But there are also times when it happens between clouds and the earth. This is an amazing natural phenomenon that draws the attention of so many people towards it. There is also a factor of fear with curiosity that encourages people to know about this natural phenomenon.

There are some important facts about lightning mentioned below which many people still don’t know.

  1. Width of lightning bolts:

Lightning is a part of thunderstorm and people around the globe observe these flashes of light at different times. Many people wonder about the width of these lightning bolts. The usual width of a bolt is 2 to 3 cm or in other words it is just one inch wide. Thickness of a lightning bolt can be compared with a silver dollar. But it looks bigger because it is much brighter.

  1. Speed:

The speed of a lightning strike is very high. Researchers claim that it travels at the speed of 270,000 mph approximately.

  1. Lightning bolts are hotter than the sun:

Sun is so hot that it causes sun burns but it is quite shocking that these lightning bolts are 5 times hotter than the sun. The temperature of a single lightning bolt reaches up to 50,000 Fahrenheit. This intense heat provokes the surrounding air to expand and vibrate speedily and this is also the main cause of peeling thunder that we hear just after a light flashes for a short time.

  1. Length:

Usually the average length of a lightning strike is 3-5 miles while amazingly the longest bolt was recorded with 118 miles of length in Dallas area.

  1. Lightning carries 100 million volts of electricity:

Light strikes are very strong and they can carry 100 million volts of electricity easily. This number shows the power of these lightning bolts.

  1. Occurrence of lightning bolts:

According to a research, it is said that lightning happens more than 3 million times per day in different parts of the world. Intensity of these lightning bolts may vary from place to place but the ratio of its occurrence is very high.

  1. Production of energy:

These lightning bolts can produce very high amount of energy. An average lightning bolt can operate a light bulb for 3 consecutive months with its energy.

  1. Death ratio with lightning:

Ratio of death is increasing day by day due to lightning. It has been reported that almost 2000 people die each year just because of lightning. It is advised to stay inside when there is a thunderstorm to avoid any accident.  It has been observed that men are almost 4 times vulnerable to these lightning bolts as compared to women.

These are some amazing facts about lightning which people must know.


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