With Regards To Groups That Have Stood The Trial Of Time, Aerosmith Are Up There As Well As Anyone. There’S A Reason A Few People Have Deified Steven Tyler And The Others, And It Goes Past Unadulterated Musicianship. I’Ll Confess To Being A Major Fan, Which Is The Reason I Was Enchanted To Realize What Tyler Is Up To Now. With All The Notoriety And Fortune He’S Amassed Through The Span Of His Long Vocation; It Would Have Been A Straightforward Thing For Him To Kick Back And Appreciate The Remainder Of His Life. For Reasons Unknown, Be That As It May, That He’S Concentrating His Vitality On A Task That Nearly Everybody Will Probably Appreciate. It’S Designated “Janie’S Home”, And It’S Fairly Extraordinary For Sure