A Lady Used Magic To Clean Swimming Pool

Summertime Is All About Spent As Much Time As Possible Near Water. Lisa Pack Is A Pleasant Looking Lady With Glittery Eyes. She Like Summer Season And She Used To Wait For This Time Anxiously Every Year. Because Her Grandchildren Come To Spend Their Summer Vacations With Her. And She Loves The Hustle Bustle In Her Garden And Pool Area.

When Her Grandchildren Play And Make Her House A Happening Place. Lisa Had A Huge Swimming Pool And All Kids Love To Spent Hot Days In Water. So It Is Very Important To Keep The Pool Water Crystal Clear And Algae Free.

Lisa Had To Spend About An Hour Cleaning Her Pool Every Week. It Was Easy To Pick Up The Fallen Leaves From The Surrounding Tree With The Net. But She Felt That Pool Water Started To Turn Green And Soon It Made A Slimy Green Layer At The Base. She Was Worried Because Her Grandchildren Were About To Come Here Soon And It Was Not Safe To Use Bleach To Clean Pool Water.

Then One Of Her Grandchildren Suggested An Innovative Idea To Clean Water Without Any Physical Stress. And She Asked Lisa To Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser For This Problem. Lisa Thought To Give It A Try But She Was Not Sure Of Any Result. As She Happened To Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser To Clean Hard Stains From Her Walls, Oven, And Tiles. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Was Not Designed To Clean Water.

When She Went Outside The Next Day She Could Not Believe Her Eyes. There Was Clean Water In The Pool As Magic Eraser Absorbs The Most Of Algae And Dirt Particles In It.

So Lisa Decided To Share This Cleaning Hack With The Rest Of The World On Facebook. And This Idea Thrilled The Swimming Pool Owners. Although Magic Eraser Does Not Make Pool Water Crystal Clear It Is Worth To Give Magic Eraser A Try.

Lisa Received Varied Comments About Her Hack But She Said That People Never Approved Her Idea To Use Magic Eraser But It Worked Like A Charm And That