A Cop Shares 10 Important Tips For Safety During A Danger

Our World Is A Place Highly Unpredictable And Full Of Bad People. Especially, Large Cities Are Full Of Criminals Who Can Harm You For Little Money. Then There Are A Few Sick People Who Kill And Harm For Sport. So, The Worst Things Can Happen, Anytime, Anywhere. Therefore, The Best Thing Is To Be Watchful And Wise To Escape Any Danger. Recently, A Cop Has Shared 10 Effective Tips To Employ During The Face Of Danger. It Takes Around 6 Minutes To Read These Tricks, But Has A Lifetime Utility.

1. If A Robber Comes Upon You And Demands Your Purse. Do Not Give It To Him In By Hand. Rather, Throw Your Purse Little Away And Run. Most Robbers Are Interested In Your Money, So He Will Rush Towards Your Wallet. Meanwhile, You Can Run Away. First, You Will Not Lose Your Remaining Belongings. Second, You Will Evade The Injury That A Robber Might Inflict During The Robbery.

2. Another Tip Is The Use Of The Elbow. Your Elbow Is Tougher Than You Think. So, If The Criminal Is Close Enough, Do Use It To Hurt Him And Escape.

3. If You Have Been Kidnapped And Put Into The Boot Of A Car. Smash The Back-lights Holes And You