9 reasons to be happy even if your relationship is not working

In the words of the great Urdu poet of all times, Omar Khayyam “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” As the great poet has rightly said, happiness is an internal condition of human lives. When we are related to someone else, it is our perception of that person(s) and vice versa that comes into play. Relationships often become complicated and at times they fail to endure the challenges of situations and it leaves us in a state of frustration or loss.

The process of healing becomes easier as you forgive, love, accept yourself and make peace with yourself:

  1. Be your best friend when life seems to be difficult: When you find yourself at a difficult situation and feel vulnerable, try to remember how you want your family and friends to support you with some positive words. Try to say the same to yourself and see the difference. This simple step towards self-healing will benefit you in the long run. Remember, being your best friend is the greatest and ultimate support you can ever achieve in life.
  2. Find happiness in the present moment, do not overthink about future: one of the best ways to find happiness in your present is to recollect the small achievements you have made in your life so far. This will boost you with positive vibes for carrying along your journey ahead.  Instead of focusing on your failures and problems, try to focus more on the blessings your life is filled with. You can note down your success on various phases of life, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you apparently. You will feel confident and focused to take the right path of your life.
  3. Keep yourself engaged in your favourite activities: As all of us are known of the old adage “An idle brain is a devil’s workshop”, so also it is the breeding ground of negative feelings that make you feel worse than your situation actually is. Engage yourself in some creative activity so that it keeps you away from being shrouded by negative thoughts. Spend your time in reading, listening to music, charitable activities and others that keep your mind active and energized with positivity.
  4. Every day is a new day to change your life, make the most of it: Take life each day and set small goals that you can achieve positively. In that way you will gradually and unknowingly move confidently towards achieving bigger goals in life. It is more important to accomplish smaller targets with confidence than remain obsessed with perfection and stress yourself. Every day gives you a brand new opportunity for changing your future. What you do today makes the foundation for your tomorrow!
  5. It is never too late to become the person you want to be: For making difference in your life and in the lives of the others you need to have lot of money or a big breakthrough. Being generous and compassionate with your friends and even strangers you can make difference into their lives. For being adventurous you can try different things that are handy and invoke your interest in. Never wait for things to become favourable for you to venture on anything new. Rather make the most of it and feel the difference in your entire identity.
  6. No shortcuts to achieve happiness, it is more of a persistent process: As said by the greatest philosophers of all times- what comes easy, goes easy. If you attach your happiness with any person or any particular ambition, chances are there that you feel low and disappointed if things do not work your way or you are not treated by the person from whom you had high expectation. Try to find out joy from the little things of life e.g. going out with friends, getting yourself drenched in rain, helping someone in problem on your way to home or deeds alike and see how it brightens up your day.
  7. Know your worth, not paying more attention to others’ views of you: Every individual is attributed with both positive and negative traits. That is what makes the world so uniquely beautiful and diverse. Stop comparing yourself with anyone as each of us is born with something different from the others. Instead, try to bring out the best of you. If you know your potential and your worth, you will be in less or no need of validation from anyone.
  8. Make happiness into a habit: Happiness is achieved through appreciation of the good things you already have in your life. Count your blessings, not your losses. If you try to find happiness in your tomorrow, odds are your achievements cannot bring a happy smile on your face. Being happy at your present will make you feel happier on your prospective achievements. To hone the art of being truly happy is itself a great achievement.
  9. Do not lose hope, tomorrow is still another day: To hope against hope will show you the path to your happiness. When things go wrong, instead of giving up try and find out the other means of happiness. There is always a silver lining beneath each cloud. No matter how serious your troubles may look now, remember everything in this world is temporary and so are your problems. You should not make yourself susceptible to either any kind of despair at failure or exhilaration at success. It is our hope that makes us stronger than ever to face and win the challenges of life. Happiness is not actually a destination rather a journey of a lifetime which is filled with experiences good or bad that make life worth living.

All our external relations are but mere reflections of our inner relationships i.e. the ones we share only with our own selves. Once you are able to distinguish the things that are causing distress to you, you can detatch yourself from them. Being at peace with yourself is the first step towards attaining a higher level of happiness.

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