85 Years Old Man And 75 Years Old Woman Remarry After 50 Years

Love never dies and when you want something from the heart, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it. This is what happened with this couple in Mandi Bahaudin, a city of Punjab, Pakistan.

85 years old Mr. Bashir loved his cousin Rahmat Bibi and married her 50 years ago. They had 4 children together and lived a happy life until some domestic problems shook the whole relationship. They parted their ways 25 years ago with heavy hearts because the marriage wasn’t just working and it was the right thing to do. Rahmat bibi remarried and lived some blossomed years with her new husband but he wasn’t mean to be there between Bashir and Rahmat. Rahmat’s second husband died and she started to live her grandchildren.

It was when Bashir’s and Rahmat’s grandchildren collaborated to plan their remarriage.

Mr. Bashir who is 85 years old and Rahmat Bibi who is 75 years old now just remarried after 25 years. The ceremony was arranged by their grandchildren and everything went like a perfect wedding ceremony from the well-dressed groom to the shy bride.

The groom approached the Rahmat’s place with musical instrument upon which everybody danced and expressed their happiness for the marriage.

This reunion wasn’t only a cheerful event for the attendees but also for the couple. Talking to a news channel, Rahmat Bibi revealed that she loved Bashir since childhood and she missed him and now she is again with him.

That’s how life happens and that she is delighted and excited about her marriage.

This couple has proved that age is just a number and that love happens irrespective of the time and place.

Comment below to wish luck to this couple who is going to live the last years of their lives in ultimate happiness.

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