3 Cleansing Detox Soup Recipes: Why You Shouldn

Many people choose to go on a cleanse to gain energy, treat disease, clear skin, and give the body an overall rest and rejuvenation. One cleansing technique that has become quite popular in the last few years among all parts of the world is juicing.

A juice cleanse consists of only consuming the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. This floods the body with vitamins and minerals while giving the gut a break which causes the body to use energy towards healing, rejuvenation, and cellular repair rather than the digestion of food.

Although a juice cleanse does give the body a well-deserved break, there are some downfalls that must be considered. First, consuming the juice of high sugar fruits spikes blood sugar, which then spikes insulin and cortisol causing hormonal imbalance and weight gain. If a person is already struggling with hormonal imbalance and/or anxiety, a juice cleanses may not be the best option as protein, healthy fat, and fiber is essential for blood sugar regulation that is needed for hormonal balance and mental health.

Because one of the main goals of a juice cleanse is to clear toxic build up, it is important to buy all organic produce, which can be quite costly considering how much you would need to buy. Juicing also strips the produce of all fiber, which is beneficial and important for the health of your microbiome and elimination.

Plus, in the colder months, when our bodies crave warmth and comfort, juice at every meal isn