Jim Has Been In The Computer Business For 25 Years. –

Jim has been in the computer business for 25 years and is finally sick of the stress.

He quits his job and buys 50 acres of wilderness as far from humanity as possible.

Apart from the postman who calls once a week it’s total peace and quiet.

After six months or so of almost total isolation, he’s finishing dinner when someone knocks on his door.

He opens it and there is a big, bearded islander standing there.

“My name’s MacDonald. I’m your neighbor and I’m having a party Saturday and thought you’d like to come.”

“Great,” says Jim, “after six months of this I’m ready to meet some local folks. Thank you.”

As MacDonald is leaving he stops and turns,

” I gotta warn you there’s gonna be some drinkin’”

“Not a problem… after 25 years in the computer business, I can do that with the best of them.” says Jim.

Again, as he starts to leave MacDonald stops and turns.

“More ‘n’ likely gonna be some fightin’, too.”

“Damn,” thinks Jim, tough crowd.

“Well, I get along with people. I’ll be there. Thanks again.”

Once again McDonald turns from the door.

“I’ve seen some wild fun at these parties, too.”

“Now that’s not a problem”, says Jim,

“Remember I’ve been alone for six months! I’ll definitely be there … by the way, what should I wear to the party?”

MacDonald stops in the door again and says

“Whatever you want, it’s just gonna be the two of us”