An Officer Pulled A Woman Over 4 Speeding. –

An Officer pulled a woman over 4 speeding.

She asked what was the problem.

He replied

“Ma’am you were going at least 90 in a 45 zone.”

He then asked 4 her DL & insurance. She replied “my DL have been revoked 4 DUI & this is not my car, the owner of this car is part in the city .”

He asked her 2 step out of the car.

She informed he that she was drunk & did not think she could even stand up.

Officer immediately called 4 back up.

Several squad cars arrived.

Another office walked over 2 the car, asked her 2 get out of the vehicle.

She complied.

They then asked 4 permission 2 search the vehicle… .

Confused bout what he had been told, he then asked 4 DL & proof of insurance.

She handed him both.

The officer then said.

“Ma-am, the 1st officer told us u had no DL no insurance & your are not the owner of this car.”

wit eyebrows raise & lips twisted the lady said…..

“I bet the lyin bastard told u I was speeding 2 didn’t he?”