Mr Horse Has Always Wanted To Play The Guitar. –

Mr Horse has always wanted to play the guitar…

So he starts going for lessons and after a few months, he is quite good so he calls on his friend Mr Pig who plays the piano because he would like to start a band.

They write some songs and play at some venues but all the fans say that they need a vocalist to take their band to the next level.

So they ask their friend Mr chicken who has always been a great singer.

Soon they are getting large gigs at concerts and are world famous.

They have all the money they could wish for.

Sadly Mr chicken gets sick and the band is forced to break up.

A few weeks later Mr chicken passes away.

Mr pig is devastated and changes his name and goes completely off the grid.

Mr Horses parents also get into a large dispute and get a divorce.

Mr Horse now has no friends or family to go to.

He enters a downward spiral and turns to substance abuse.

Eventually he comes back to his senses and decides to put together the last of his money and go on one big solo tour around the world to show everyone that he still has his talent but the tour fails and he loses his money.

He decides that he is going to drown out his sorrows in with alcohol.

Horse walks into a bar and the barman says

“why the long face?”