Dog Who Faints When Excited Doesn’t Let His Disability Keep Him Downn (Video) ‎

 Even though he faints when he gets aroused, a dog does not allow his disability stop him.

Due to a rare ailment, when Peter the dog becomes really enthusiastic, he passes out. At an early age, his family became aware of his odd condition. There’s a couple minutes of this freezing and falling backwards. This can occur at the most peculiar moments, as when he sees ducks or transitions from grass to concrete.

The veterinarian who treated him, lovingly dubbed “Petrified Pete,” is uncertain of the etiology of this neurological disorder. It might be something else entirely, like fainting goat syndrome. Thankfully, Pete’s veterinarians are certain that he experiences no discomfort during these bouts. Pete also doesn’t allow it to depress him. He gets up right away and continues with his day.

When his family explains what is happening, some individuals who were frightened that he was having a seizure start to show interest in getting to know him. According to his family, Pet adores it because “everyone loves him and he loves everyone.”

View the video below.

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