The extraordinary journey of an old dog who was hit by a car and how he overcame adversity with steadfast determination and the sincere support of his community.

 Berry, an aging dog who was thought to be about eight years old, was having a routine day when something unexpected happened. His owner was taking a nap when a friend called to tell them that a car had hit a dog not far away. Berry was laying next to the road, covered in blood, as they rushed to the scene. Berry was struck by a car, according to the witness, who then fled the scene.

They brought him to the veterinarian right away, and while there, he was given antibiotics, painkillers, and an IV. Although it was obvious that he had broken his front limb, they were hoping he was not hurt internally. Berry didn’t give up even though his future was uncertain. He was supported by the community and managed to survive the night.

Berry’s condition steadily improved day by day. He was given a name by the community, which also kept an eye on him while he fought to survive. His front paw was broken, and an x-ray showed that he had a bullet wound in his neck, most likely from being shot by hunters. Berry persevered and gradually made a full recovery in spite of all that had happened to him.

Berry was at last prepared for a new home following sixty days of community care and attention. The neighbourhood put out a call for an adopter, someone who would value an elderly dog’s company and provide him with a loving forever home. Berry got along well with all canines and enjoyed getting touched, despite his continued fear of human contact.

Berry had a happy ending in the end. He was given another opportunity at life because of his tenacity and the generosity of the community. Berry may have been the victim of abuse and neglect, but his tale shows us that generosity can go a long way toward changing the world and that humanity is still hopeful.

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