The Local Zoo Announced The Arrival Of A Very Rare, Talking Parrot. –

One day, in a small town, the local zoo announced the arrival of a very rare, talking parrot.

The news spread like wildfire, and soon enough, the entire town was buzzing with excitement.

Everyone was eager to see and hear this extraordinary bird.

The next day, a massive crowd gathered outside the zoo.

There were children on their parents’ shoulders, vendors selling parrot-themed merchandise, and news crews from neighboring towns.

As the clock struck 10, the zookeeper unveiled the cage, and there sat a beautiful, colorful parrot.

The crowd hushed in anticipation.

The mayor stepped forward and asked,

“Hello, Mr. Parrot, can you say something for our lovely town?”

The parrot looked around, seemingly unimpressed, and said,

“With all this hype, I was expecting a bigger town.”