A Midwest Dairy Farmer Was Conducting A Tour. –

A Midwest dairy farmer was conducting a tour of his farm to a touring group of folks from the city, most of whom had never seen a farm before.

While he was describing to them all about life on the farm, he explained about the weather.

“One of the benefits of this profession”, he explained,

“is that we have built-in weather predictions. We don’t need no computers and satellite technology to tell us what the weather is going to be like”.

“What do you mean by that?” asked one inquisitive visitor.

“When the cows are standing in the field”, the farmer explained,

“it means no rain is likely for the next twenty-four hours”.

The farmer added,

“When they’re lying down, it means it’s going to rain”.

“On our bus trip”, another visitor chimed in,

“I saw a half of a herd of cows standing and the other half lying down. What does this mean?”

The farmer flashed a smile and answered,

“That means half of them are wrong”.