Dog Repeatedly Escapes Shelter To Comfort Residents In A Nursing Home

 The inhabitants of the assisted living facility across the street from his animal shelter adopted a cute stray puppy because they were so fond of him that he ended up staying there permanently.

Unwanted brown mutt Scout, who is believed to be between ten and twelve years old, was brought to the Antrim County Animal Shelter in Michigan as a stray dog with pellets stuck in his jaw.

The director of the shelter, Heather Belknap, stated to The Washington Post: “It is evident that he was abused.” He was in the proper spot when he found himself in the shelter.

But Scout had other plans, and in 2017 the stray dog broke out of the Antrim County Animal Shelter three times, each time around midnight, to spend the night in the senior living facility Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility. 

He was adopted by the nursing home staff after he kept running off, and ever since then, the residents have grown to love him.  

The shelter picked up their stray dog and looked into how Scout had gotten out and back so quickly after they detected him going missing.

Belknap learned that in order for Scout to get out of the animal shelter, he would have needed to traverse several fences as well as a freeway.

She later learned that he entered the foyer of the elderly home through the automated rotating doors once he crossed the street.

After entering the lobby, he settled down on a brown couch and was discovered dozing off three times.

He was quickly taken back to the animal shelter after a nurse reported him to the county sheriff after seeing him on the couch in the lobby. 

However, Scout was on his way to capturing Meadow Brook’s devotion following his third and last unwelcome visit; a staff member even took the cute puppy home with her.

But she also had other dogs at home, and not all of them got along with Scout, so she had to consider what to do with the stray.

Since he was lured to the nursing home in the first place, she and her coworkers agreed that their office would be an excellent place to put him.

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