An Elderly Typist, Just Starting Work For The Day. –

A typist, just starting work for the day, noticed that the crack in her window pane had got noticeably longer,

so she rang up the maintenance department and reported it as a fault.

An hour later, an engineer arrived to sort the problem out.

He took one look at the crack, and pulled out a hand drill from his tool-bag.

He then slowly drilled a small hole in the pane just ahead of the encroaching crack.

The typist was watching this with some interest.

Excuse my curiosity, but what, exactly, are you doing? I don’t see the point of it.

Well, explained the engineer, we let the crack spread of its own accord, but when it reaches the drilled hole, it stops.

Oh, exclaimed the typist.

Is that why Ive got a belly-button?.