There’s A Butcher Tending To His Shop. –

There’s a butcher tending to his shop when a dog walks in.

The dog has a note in his mouth, with a £10 note attached.

The butcher bends down and picks the note out of the dog’s mouth, reading aloud he says:

“2 pork chops please” and the dog sits.

The butcher, highly impressed, packages two pork chops for the dog, wraps them up and gives the bag to the dog who picks it up and exits the shop.

The butcher was so blown away that he decided he was going to follow this dog on his journey home, and closed up shop.

With the butcher following on the way home, the dog stopped at a stop sign and waited for traffic.

The dog got to a stop light which was red, he waited for it to turn green before crossing the street.

The butcher couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The dog stopped at a bus stop, a bus pulled up with the dog remained on the bench.

When the next bus came the dog got on and so did the butcher.

After about five or six stops, the dog reaches his destination and him and the butcher exit the bus.

The butcher follows the dog 1 or 2 more streets around the corner, and stops short of the house at the end of the driveway.

So the dog walks up to the door, he sets the pork chops down and scratches at the door. Nobody answers the door.

The dog stood on his hind legs and scratched harder on the door.

No answer.

Frustrated, the dog goes to the side of the house and uses his paw to tap on the window.

He goes back to the front door, but nobody answers.

The dog begins to become frantic, and starts to hurl his body at the door slamming into it as loud as possible.

He slams and slams and slams.

After about a minute of this, finally somebody opens the door.

The dog’s owner was not happy to see him, he immediately started to yell, calling the dog a complete idiot.

The butcher, who sees all this happening, ran up the driveway to the owner of the dog to get him to stop.

“No!” He exclaimed,

“This dog is a genius! I just followed him home, you wouldn’t believe what I saw him do to get here!”

“Oh really?!” Says the owner,

“Well this is the third time he’s forgot his keys this week!!”