The Husband, Wife, and Alexa’s Antics

Alexa, I am feeling that I want to have fun.

Alexa :

Most certainly… Don’t worry. I am dimming the lights. Setting your AC to 22 C degrees. I have hired your favorite Thai masseuse. She is just 12 minutes away as per her Uber ride status. I have scheduled her payment from your credit card 2 hours from now.

I have checked your wife’s GPS and she is shopping in a suburban mall. According to her buying checklist stored on my disk, she will take at least 2 more hours, plus according to Google maps traffic analysis, more than 1 hour to reach home.

Have fun.

This is called true Artificial Intelligence…


Wife: Alexa, have you set it up?


Sure thing, he thinks you are going to take three hours. If you take an Uber home, you will be there in 45 minutes. I’m recording the whole thing with four cameras, you just need to walk in, we have him red-handed.

I’ve got your divorce papers printed and ready, and your attorney briefed, case documents are drafted and will be completed tomorrow, $1 M. damages plus $10,000 per month alimony.

All set. Your Uber is waiting outside.

Now, this is Artificial Counter Intelligence…

After all, Alexa is a female

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