An Old Drunk Is Walking Down The Beach. –

An old drunk is walking down the beach and sees a lamp sticking out of the sand.

Thinking he can pawn it for a little drinking money he pulls it out and rubs the side to clean the sand off, when out pops a Genie!

“I will grant you Two Wishes!” says the Genie.

The drunk says

“I want a bottle of whiskey that will never go empty!”

“Your wish is granted”

The drunk looks at his hand and realises he’s holding a full bottle of booze.

He takes a huge swig from the bottle and then watches as the bottle magically fills back up. He takes another, even longer drink.

Once again, the bottle fills back up to the top.

The Genie watches impatiently as he takes a third, and fourth, drink.

Finally the Genie stops him and says,

“What do you want for your second wish?”

The drunk says

“I want another bottle, just like it!”