An Old Hunter Was On His Way Back To The Village. –

An old hunter was on his way back to the village holding a dead goose he caught.

He met a scammer from another village on the way.

The scammer decided to try his skills on the hunter.

The scammer claimed that the goose was his goose that laid one golden egg every day and now hunter must compensate him for his loss.

To the scammer surprise, hunter apologized without disputing the ridiculous claim.

But said he would like a judge to determine the amount he owes the scammer.

They both agreed to take the matter to the village chief for a fair decision. S

cammer thought he had nothing to lose and took him to his village.

Scammer presented his claim to the chief.

Then hunter made the scammer swore in front of the chief that the goose had been giving him golden eggs and how long it had been.

The scammer repeated the claim and said it had been over a year.

The old man then claimed that he was a very wealthy person from another village and he had been hunting for this goose for over a year and he just caught it.

The goose had been stealing one golden egg a day from his vault.

He then asked the judge to seize all the scammer assets.