Hiding Behind A Construction Site With Massive Tumor On Neck. He Misses His Owner So Much!

 Last week, Pawtcake got this canine on via their WhatsApp 

 Dragging a long string by his neck with a massive excrescence. He was alarmed and kept hiding behind a panel in a desolate structure. 




 Empty construction, how could he survive when left there. He was most likely abandoned because of his massive excrescence. 



 Deliverer allured him out with food & he went in the trap. He was starving, so they fed him to calm him down. 


 They took incontinently to the warhorse clinic. The excrescence weighs at least 12 pounds, if not further. 




 In the coming day stagers prepared him for the surgery. His surgery was veritably easy, he was a stalwart man. 



 Tumor, Bye bye! 




 it’s so happy when we see help those innocent lives. 

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