In A Forest Where Creatures Race Against Each Other. –

There once was a snail named Sam who lived in a forest which had an interesting reputation;

All the forest creatures would design elaborate vehicles and then race against each other every month:

The snail loved to watch the races and dreamed of participating one day:

However, everyone told the snail there was no way someone as slow as him would ever race.

But, he was determined! For months, he worked and worked on building the perfect vehicle.

When he was done, he painted a big “S” on the side for his name, Sam.

The day of the race finally arrived and Sam slowly pushed his vehicle up to the starting line with all the other forest critters.

Everyone was laughing so hard at him, saying there was no way he could compete with the others.

Determined, Sam got in his vehicle and waited for the start.

A bird flying overhead called out the countdown.

“Three… Two… One! GO!”

POOF! In a cloud of smoke, Sam had burst ahead and was already yards in front of everyone else.

All the other forest critters gaped in astonishment until a hare who had lost a previous race to a turtle yelled out……

“Wow! Look at that S car go!”