An Elderly Priest Dies And Goes To Heaven. –

An elderly priest dies and goes to heaven.

He soon finds himself in a line of souls going to St. Peter to enter heaven.

In no time at all there’s only one person in Front of him.

St Peter tells the man “ah yes, state your name and occupation”

The man replies ” Will Snikket, taxi driver in New York City”

St Peter looks at his list for a moment and says

“yes, take this silken robe and golden staff and enter the kingdom of the Lord”

The priest is next, St Peter asks him ” your name and occupation”

“Father Samuel, minister of the church of God”, the priest eagerly replies.

After perusing his list for a moment St Peter looks at the preist and says

” very well, take this cotton robe and wooden staff and enter the kingdom of the Lord”
At hearing this the priest is indignant,

” what, but I’ve been faithfully serving the lord all my life, why did that taxi driver get such amazing treatment compared to me”.

St Peter stares silently at the priest. Finally he replies,

” my child, up here we work by results. While you preached people slept, but while he drove, people prayed”.