Nugget, dog who reunited with owner after 7 years missing, has died — rest in peace

 A woman was reunited with her cherished dog, Nugget, who had been lost for 7 years and was eventually found 1,700 miles from home, in a viral story we covered earlier this year.

Sadly, Nugget passed away just a few weeks after that reunion, but we may find comfort in the fact that he did so back in his loving home.

Lost and found nugget

When Jessie Springer’s Jack Russell/Pug mix, Nugget, vanished from her New Mexico home seven years ago, she was devastated.

“I was in shock. She told WXIA, “I mean, that’s the original OG snug nug. “Well, he’s microchipped, I thought. I then made a call to the shelters. I gave the vet a call. Every couple of days, I check that, but nothing.

After some time had passed, Jessie had given up hope of ever seeing her buddy again when she received a call she had not anticipated.

A dog in horrible health was found outside the home of Jennifer, a South Carolina resident, on February 9.

“I could see something, you know, coming down the road, wobbling pretty crazily, not even two minutes after I sat down. I had no idea what it was, like,” Jennifer said to 11 Alive. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone with a flashlight, and raced outside to rescue him from the dark, pouring rain. I then brought him inside and dried him up.

Thankfully, the dog’s microchip, which was discovered when Jennifer took it to the doctor, identified it as Nugget, who is now 16 years old and 1,700 miles away from the house where he vanished seven years earlier.

When Jessie received the call, the information shocked her.

“What? I’m like, ” I responded, “What?” What kind of dog is that? She then remarked, “He’s a little..” She stated, “He’s a little yellow dog and his name is Nugget. I can’t even say it because I’m going to start weeping,” she said.

After spending so many years away, Jessie went across the nation to see her puppy again. There weren’t any dry eyes in sight as Jessie and Nugget greeted one another at the airport.

My SnugNug has returned. In a post on Facebook, Jessie. She thanked Jennifer and everyone at Carolina Loving Hound Rescue, saying, “Much much love to everyone involved!”

Let Nugget find peace.

Following their joyful reunion, Nugget and Jessie returned home to make up for missed time. Nugget was found in poor condition at the age of 16, or senior in dog years, but Jessie promised to provide him a loving home for the remainder of his days.

Nugget sadly passed over the rainbow bridge a few weeks after their touching reunion.

Nugget “went home to be with the Lord,” as Jessie posted on social media Wednesday, writing “with a sorrowful heart.”

“The previous few days had been a tough battle. Even though I tried to feed him everything I could think of, he only remarked, “Mama, it’s time for me to say goodbye.”

It’s tragic that their long-awaited reunion could only last a few weeks, but it’s comforting to know that in his final weeks, Nugget was able to return to the house and family he loved before dying away. Jessie expressed her gratitude for their time spent together.

I will always be grateful to Jen and Angela for bringing him back to me for his last few weeks, she said in her letter. “This has been a hard and agonizing day for me, but ultimately, it’s a message that’s for the better… God is ALWAYS merciful.

“Nugget was a warrior who battled to return home… and once he did, he realized it was okay to let go.

Nugget, rest in peace. Although we regret your departure, we are happy that you were able to return to your devoted owner.

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