The Animals Of The Forest Are Having A Meeting. –

The animals of the forest are having a meeting.

For months on end, there was one big party and the forest looks like the end of spring break. Vomit everywhere, empty bottles and trash on every clearing.

They agreed that this can’t go on and voted to go tea total.

The bear was elected sheriff and tasked to control the others.

First day he makes his round.

The fox is sober, so are the wolf and the deer.

The rabbit is missing.

After some search, the rabbit was found in his burrow.

The bear gave him a lecture and kick him out of the forest should be found drunk again.

Next day, the usual round.

All animals are sober, rabbit is missing.

Again, found drunk in his burrow.

The bear gives him one last chance.

Next day all is well, but the rabbit is again missing.

After a long search, the bear takes a break at the lake.

He sees a straw stick out of the water and smells a strong whiff of vodka.

He grabs the straw, pulls it out of the water and is astonished to find the rabbit hanging on to that straw.

He was hiding underwater, drunk as never before.

The bear shouts:

That’s it, you are out! We animals of the forest took a pledge to quit drinking!

The rabbit squints, burps and answers:

Us fish never took no pledge! Leave me alone!