A Man Goes To The Dentist. –

A man goes to the dentist to ask how much it would be to pull a tooth.

“£100,” said the dentist.

“Oh, that’s expensive,” said the man.

“Do you have anything cheaper?”

“That’s the normal price for an extraction,” said the dentist.

The man thinks about it,

“What about if you don’t use the anaesthetic?”

“Well, that would be unusual, but we could do that. It would be about £75.”

The man thinks some more.

“What about if you used a trainee and no anaesthetic?”

“Well,” said the dentist,

”I think that could work, but it would be a lot more painful. I think that would be about £35.”

The man thought some more.

“That’s still a lot. What if you make it a training session with a student doing the extraction, and the other students can watch?”

The dentist says, “Ok, that would be good for the students, but it will be traumatic to have it done that way. I’ll charge you £5 for that.”

“Great,” said the man.

“That’s perfect. Can I book my wife for her appointment on Wednesday?