Orlando Shelter Dog Called ‘Ugly’ by Potential Adopters Finds Home Where She Is ‘Cherished’

 A shelter dog named Dutchess who had been called “ugly” due to growths under her eyes, underwent surgery to remove the growths and was adopted after her recovery by a loving family.

One Orlando animal shelter dog’s heartbreaking tale has become one of optimism.

According to local news station Fox 35 Orlando, the puppy, known as Dutchess, relocated to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando during the 2022 holiday season due to a landlord issue.

She arrived with facial abnormalities under her eyes, tiny lumps on the underside of her eyelids, but she had trouble finding a family.

The shelter stated on Facebook that it had no effect on the woman other than the fact that nobody can seem to get past it. “The sad aspect is that Dutchess adores everyone to utter perfection. Every day, she runs up to the kennel doors, eager for the new day and unwaveringly positive.”

In addition, some people made disparaging remarks about Dutchess’ appearance as they passed the dog’s kennel, Orange County Animal Services noted in the post.

“She appears awful. And what is that? Why is she flawed? Are they blind? What would this cost me exactly? She won’t ever be adopted “According to a Facebook post by the shelter, these were some of the remarks it received.

Dutchess was able to leave the shelter as a result of this social media post from the facility. The animal was adopted by Rescue Dogs Dream Inc., who then placed her in a foster home. Shortly after the puppy arrived, Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. posted an update on Facebook stating that she had devoured a McDonald’s cheeseburger and was “making herself right at home.”

According to the rescue, a veterinarian “decided” that Dutchess will need surgery to remove the growths under her eyes since they were “uncomfortable for her.”

The procedure to remove the growths behind Dutchess’ eyes, which were later determined to be dermoids, unusual skin cysts that dogs can be born with, was successful, the rescue stated in a statement on December 27.

Thousands of people interacted with Orange County Animal Services’ initial post about Dutchess and her problems on social media, which sparked a flood of adoption requests.

Dutchess was renamed Lena after joining her new family following surgery. She’s the sweetest dog they’ve ever met, the canine’s new owners told Fox 35 Orlando.

Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. informed the outlet, “She now has a new Mom and Dad to spoil her rotten (Dad works from home), and she has a new sibling to play with, in her private gated yard. She is a beloved member of the family and gets to go on treks and adventures.

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