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A volunteer discovered him inside the shelter. He brought Isumu to the shelter where he was given medical attention and a cozy bed to sleep in. Isumu is cleaned up and given a bath. For the first time in a very long time, he received food and drink and experienced feelings of love and care.

Day 10: Isumu started to feel better. His injuries started to heal, and he started to regrow fur. His eyes began to glow with joy and contentment, and he stopped smelling like rotting flesh.

Day 80: A nice family who wanted to adopt a dog finally showed up at the shelter. They fell in love with Isumu the moment they laid eyes on him.

They knew he was the dog for them because they could sense the strength and tenacity that lay beneath his rugged exterior. Isumu was carried home by his new family, where he was showered with affection.

He was no longer required to endure his suffering in silence or wait for a rescuer. Finally, he had a place to call his own and a loving family.

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