A Man Lost His Control Of The Two Wheeler. –

While trying to avoid hitting a dog, I lost control of my two-wheeler and landed in a ditch by the side of the road.

With some difficulty, as I crawled out of the ditch, a beautiful woman who had stopped her car and came to help me asked

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay I think,”

I replied as I pulled myself up.

She said, “Come, get in my car. I’ll take you to my place which is only a few blocks away. You can clean up, and then I will examine you to confirm that you are not hurt.”

“That’s nice of you,” I answered,

” but I don’t think my wife will like me doing that!”

“Oh, come on, I’m a nurse,” she insisted.

“We need to see if you have any scrapes and treat them properly.”

Well, she was really pretty and very kind. I could not say no, but repeated,

“I’m sure my wife won’t like this.”

We arrived at her place and after cleaning up, she examined me to confirm that I do not have any major injury and then offered a drink.

We had a couple of drinks, but all along I was feeling guilty and finally told her,

“I feel a lot better now, but I know my wife is going to be really upset so I’d better go now.”

“Don’t be silly!” she said with a smile,

“Stay for a while. She won’t know anything. I suppose, she must be at home, right?”

“Well, not really. She must be still in the ditch.”