a newly married couple who goes on honeymoon

When newlyweds Brandon and Abigail decided to go on their honeymoon, they were both excited to explore a new place together. Little did they know that their honeymoon would be filled with unexpected comedic moments.

The couple arrived at the airport and made their way to the check-in counter. While waiting in line, Brandon decided to take a selfie with Abigail. Little did he know that he had accidentally switched the camera to video mode, and the couple’s selfie turned into a 15-second video which he sent to his entire contact list.

After a few awkward moments, the couple finally made it to their gate. Brandon decided to buy a snack to keep them occupied while they waited to board the plane. He grabbed a bag of chips and went to pay, but when he tried to use his credit card, the machine rejected it. After several failed attempts, he finally tried Abigail’s credit card, which worked.

When the couple finally boarded the plane, they were both exhausted from the day’s events. As they settled in for the long flight, Brandon decided to take a nap. He laid his head down on Abigail’s lap and closed his eyes.