The Helpless And Sick Puppy Abandoned In The Moor Is Almost Exhausted

It’s Almost Over Until He Meets This Kind Woman.

 I’m Alberto. He was discovered abandoned in a deserted field with a worm in his eye by a caring woman. He was defenseless as he lay inside a container.

For him, everything appeared to be over. Whoever would do such things would have a heart of stone.

She drove him to a neighborhood hospital. She gave him the name Albeto. The veterinarian treated him and removed the maggots.


He is still receiving care, and his doctors were relieved to discover that his tiny eye had been preserved.

Albeto opened his eyes, and we were relieved to see that he had not lost an eye.

This will bring happiness to all.

The nice woman continues to stand with Alberto as his healing progresses gradually but unmistakably each day.

This angel might have felt despondent because he was helpless and resting in a carton in the middle of nowhere. But love preserves optimism.

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