My Son Found This Puppy In The Park

 This puppy was found by my son in a park. He was in a bush hiding, but when he saw my son clutching chicken wings, he came out.

Earnie was emaciated, terribly anemic, and dehydrated. When we originally received him, he was suffering pneumonia as well.

He received 3 blood transfusions and IV antibiotics every day. Earnie was worn out and spent the first few days just sleeping.

Read some positive comments:

My sincere gratitude and respect are with you and your kid. Excellent work! God’s blessings on you all for assisting this adorable dog.

I sincerely appreciate your charity in taking in this adorable puppy, getting him the treatment he so sorely needed, and electing to keep him in your warm home. Now, he will receive the right care. Now that he has a place of his own, I can tell how content he is. Bless you and your whole family, including the pets.

What a cute dog! I’m very glad you saved him. He will bring you years of happiness; all he needs is food, affection, and guidelines to follow as a family dog. blessings to you and your family, both two-legged and four-legged!!!

It’s clear that you take excellent care of your kids and animals. Respect!!!!

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