Man hailed a hero after girl, 7, is found wandering alone in the snow wearing just a onesie


Chicago, Illinois, is known for its harsh winters. From December to March, everyone moves their lives inside. And when Chicagoans do have to brave the cold weather, they make sure to bundle up. Occasionally, however, the winter months can be dangerous, especially for those stuck on the streets without the proper attire. That was certainly the case this past February when Winter Storm Uri struck, slamming much of the central U.S. with record low temperatures and snowfall. While the Wind City was spared from the worst of the storm’s effects, Uri was the biggest winter storm the city has faced in years, leading to more than 18 inches of snow. In the middle of this February freeze, one Chicago child found herself stuck outside and alone during the storm, leading to what could have been a life-threatening situation — were it not for one good samaritan.

The Englewood community of Chicago, Illinois, is praising a father’s actions after he rescued a 7-year-old girl whom he found wandering alone in the snow during February’s record-breaking winter storm.

Tony Taylor, a 46-year-old father, was driving through the south side of Chicago with his 5-year-old daughter near Washington Park at around 5 p.m. on Feb. 17, 2021, when he spotted the young girl. The 7-year-old child, who didn’t have shoes or a jacket on, was wearing a pink and blue onesie and carrying a computer in the freezing Chicago weather, which was around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that it can take just minutes for the dangerous effects of hypothermia to set in, Taylor likely saved the young girl’s life.

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“I did what anyone should’ve done,” Taylor told reporters at a press conference. “I jumped out of my car in traffic, stopped traffic, took my coat off, picked her up and I called 911.”

Taylor also took to Facebook, starting a live video, in hopes of identifying the girl and finding her parents.

“Someone please come to 59th and Halsted. I have a little girl that’s lost. I just found her on 59th and Halsted,” he said in the video. “The little girl is lost. I’m trying to help her.”

According to Taylor’s account, the girl was shivering and crying so much that she couldn’t answer when he asked for the child’s name. At a press conference, Taylor added that it was clear to him that she had been walking for a long time. “Her feet,” he explained, “were like icicles.” While waiting for police to arrive, Taylor and his daughter helped the girl warm up in the car. Taylor’s 5-year-old child even hugged the child, telling her that she was going to pray for her.

“(The girl) just looked at me and said, ‘Mister, sir, I love you,’” Taylor told reporters. “And I said ‘I love you too.’ I said, ‘You will be safe, and I called help and help is on the way.’ And she just said, ‘Thank you.’”

“When I put her in the car, it brought tears to my eyes,” the 46-year-old father added.

At the press conference, Taylor confirmed that the unidentified child said that she “didn’t want to go home to mommy and daddy” because of how they treated her.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they transported the 7-year-old girl to Comer Children’s Hospital where doctors evaluated the child and police placed her in protective custody.