Teeny-Tiny Puppy Found And Rescued After It Was Thrown Away

It’s terrifying to think about what cruelty some human beings are capable of inflicting on others, especially innocent creatures. Most of us would sooner do just about anything before we’d hurt a harmless little animal. However, the world is full of monsters who get sick thrills from hurting defenseless little critters.

A woman in Ireland was taking a leisurely stroll when she saw a curious item on the ground. It was a plastic bag with a dark object inside, emanating desperate little whimpering sounds. As the woman got closer to the bag, she was utterly horrified to realize that it was a small black puppy crammed inside the bag, left to suffocate by some horrible person.

The courageous woman sprang into action, freeing the puppy from the confines of the bag. The puppy had a whole host of health issues. One of his hind legs was broken, he was emaciated and infected with worms. The animal rescue mission that took him in said that he was far too young to have been separated from his mother.

As the tiny puppy has been nursed back to health, the animal rescue has been posting updates on social media. He’s been named Bobby and he’s developing into a happy, well-adjusted dog. He also has a healthy appetite and according to the rescue organization, he “eats everything”.

While many people commented on social media that they were interested in giving Bobby a forever home, the owners of the animal rescue, Ramona and Chris, couldn’t stand the idea of parting with their little miracle. While hundreds of dogs have come and gone through their shelter’s doors, the couple decided that Bobby was too special to give away. They’ve decided to adopt him themselves.