Horse Strolls Into Random Man’s House And Makes Herself Right At Home

A man in Dunedin, New Zealand, was stunned one day to see a random horse inside of his house.

I mean, can you imagine? The friendly horse made herself right at home as if it were no big deal at all!

Ben Telfer-Hynes

It turns out Sharq had slipped away from her owner’s place the other day to check out the neighborhood.

That’s when she stepped into the home of a stranger, Doug Renoe, who took to Facebook to say:

“Is anyone in Highcliff area missing a horse? This one has come inside eaten half my dinner and also my wife’s carrots from garden. We will keep her for a pet if not claimed.”

Sharq’s owner, Ben Telfer-Hynes, was alerted to the post and was relieved but not at all surprised that his horse was found in such a way.

As an indoor horse, it wasn’t a thing at all for Sharq to wander into this person’s home!

Ben Telfer-Hynes

The pet horse was safely returned to her home with her owner, and no one would ever know for sure all of the adventures Sharq went on during her time away.

But apparently the homes Dunedin, New Zealand, are always welcoming to such thrill seekers! 😛

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