Tiny Pup Joins K-9 Unit After Two Officers Save Him While On Patrol

How many people can resist a cute puppy? Not many. Even the police aren’t immune to the adorableness of a tiny lost dog.

Hobart won’t leave Officer Mercado’s side!! 🥺 #HollywoodHobart pic.twitter.com/S5e4rQUZAx

— LAPD Hollywood Division (@LAPDHollywood) October 5, 2019 “>

Two officers with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division proved that recently. Officers Tavera and Mercado were on their regular patrol when they saw a teensy puppy playing in traffic. No one around seemed to notice or care. The officers immediately pulled over and scooped up the dog. He was so tiny that he almost fit in one of the officer’s hands!

Their plan for the puppy was simply to put him in the cruiser and get him out of danger. They didn’t count on getting attached to the little guy.

By the time they returned to the station, the officers had given the puppy a name – Hobart, since they’d found him on Hobart Boulevard. For his part, Hobart seemed just as attached to the officers as they were to him.

Newest member of our K-9 unit 😉Officers Mercado & Tavera found a puppy while on patrol near Hobart Blvd, they took him back to the station and have officially renamed him, “Hobart” Welcome to LAPD Hobart! pic.twitter.com/rWqP8WsRnx

— LAPD Hollywood Division (@LAPDHollywood) October 5, 2019 “>

The tiny dog followed them everywhere. His attachment was so strong that the LAPD tweeted to welcome him as the newest member of the K-9 squad!

They followed up and found that Hobart’s owner couldn’t care for him. He’s now being cared for by the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF). This organization works with police, firefighters, and other first responders to rescue stray and suffering dogs in the Los Angeles area.

What do you think about these officers’ actions? Would you stop if you saw a puppy like Hobart alone in the street? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along.