Puppy Runs To This Cop, But When The Dog Realizes Who He is, AMAZING!

Two months after he was saved, a dog named Bubba reunited with the police officer who took him away from his grief.

Police found the poor pooch in a motel room in California during a drug bust. The canine, who tested positive for drugs, was then taken to Orange County Animal Care.

It was Officer Laurich from the Tustin Police Department, however, who scooped him up that day. This officer’s kind deed, reminiscent to the Florida cop who stayed by the side of the dog he saved, is another act that’s sure to make animals lovers smile.

Looking at their reunion video below, it’s clear Bubba hasn’t forgotten the kind officer. The tiny pooch ran up to the officer wagging his tail and even plopped over for some belly rubs.

“Bubba looked very healthy and happy and both he and Officer Laurich seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time together,” the Tustin Police Department wrote on Facebook along with the video. Per assistant director Katie Ingram, Bubba has adjusted very well and is one of the staff’s favorites. She also said Bubba is very social, and has multiple rescue groups waiting to take him when he is released.”

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