Sleep Hygiene Basics: How To Improve Your Life With Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleep is a vital part of our human experience and is absolutely essential to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. Lack of sleep or disruptive sleeping patterns can lead to an increase in stress, anxiety, depression, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes amongst other heath complications. Thus, it is extremely important to maintain good sleep hygiene which is nothing but a series of habits and practices that promote healthy sleep patterns and provides vitality when we are awake.

Given below are five reasons why you should start practicing good sleep hygiene

  1. It is essential for our survival

We need good sleep to maintain our basic bodily functions. Good sleep not only refreshes and rejuvenates us but it also gives our brains the much-needed down-time. Periods of sleep also helps to lower stress, hypertension, cardiac ailments and helps control our diabetes.

  1. Reduces anxiety and depression

Healthy sleeping habits is also essential for our mental health as well. A good night