What Would You Choose Enjoying A Hot Bath Or Walk For 30 Minutes Both Burn 130 Calories

When You Live A Hectic Life, Taking A Hot Bath Looks Like A Luxury. But At The Same Time, You Have To Take Care Of Your Physic And Figure And For That, You Will Prefer To Go For A Walk. But If You Are Exhausted Then How Can You Prepare Your Mind To Go For A Walk. You Feel Guilty To Spend Some Leisure Time In The Hot Water. Kick The Guilt As You Will Be Amused To Know That You Can Burn The Calories While Relaxing Your Mind, Body, And Soul.Loughborough University Researched As They Were Working On The Effects Of Rising The Temperature Just One Degree On The Overall Body. They Asked The One Group Of Volunteers To Take A Hot Bath Which Increases Their Body Temperature For One Degree Fahrenheit. Another Group Was Asked To Ride The Bicycle For An Hour. When They Compared The Result In Terms Of Burning The Calories, It Was A Surprising Revelation That Drenching Your Body For An Hour Burns The Equal Calories Walk For 30 Minutes. Let Me Enlighten You More How A Hot Bath Is Not Just Relaxing For Your Nerves As Well As Your Body.
1. Get More Sleep
Next Time When You Make Your Mind For A Hot Bath Just Add The Magic Of Lavender Oil In The Bathtub. Lavender Oil Calms Your Nerves And Helps In Better Sleep. When Body Temperature Rises Due To Hot Water Calories Used To Work To Bring The Body Temperature To 99 Fahrenheit. We Feel Lighter And Little Exhausted And Help Us To Fast As Sleep. 2. Ease Sinus Pain
If You Are Tired Of The Cold And Blocked Sinus. Then A Hot Bath Can Help You To Ease Cold And Sneezing Because Steam Will Relief The Blocked Nasal Passage By Losing The Mucus And Improve The Breathing. Add Some Salt To Bath Water To Enhance The Benefits And Assist In Congestion. 3. Improve Blood Flow
When You Laid On Your Back In The Bathtub It Improves The Blood Movement Throughout Your Body Including The Brain. More Blood Supply Means More Oxygen To The Brain Which Makes You More Efficient For Normal Activities.4. Ease Sore Muscles
Soaking The Sore Body In Hot Water Is An Ancient Practice And We Are Still Practicing Hot Water Bath To Ease Sore Muscles. Hot Water Relaxes The Muscles By Reducing The Lactic Acid Accumulation In Muscles. When More Blood Circulates Through These Muscles Oxygen In The Blood Catalyze The Lactic Acid. That