Science Reveals Why The Loss Of A Pet Feels Like Loss Of A Near One

Losing a pet is not easy. It’s extremely painful for an owner. Those who have undergone this suffering will testify that it felt like losing a family member or a friend. As the pets are part of the family so losing a dog might be as sad as they lost one of their family members. Science now corroborates this feeling. As per a study by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Scientists have realized that the love between dogs and their owners is similar to the parent-child relation in humans.But, we have to lonely bear the brunt of this loss without any social support. We cannot express our sorrow publicly as society takes it lightly which can result in depression.
But the study suggests otherwise. Scientists relate it to the “secure base effect” bond between humans and dogs”.Relationship-based on love and trust
Like infants consider their parents safe due to love, trust and comfort because their parent does everything for them. Likewise, relationship between an animal and owner is of love, believe and comfort. So, the demise of the pet sometimes upset your life and can cause mental problems such as stress and anxiety. Some people around you think that this is not as important as the loss of human one. But only you can feel the grief as you have lost your dog. The truth is its painful and sorrowful and you need sympathy, support and rest.Reluctance to publicly mourn:
When a close one passes away, we express our sorrow, we weep openly and people offer solaces and condolences. But when we lose your dog then we are less able to show our pain to the people. While giving vent to our feelings in the public helps in relieving the pain and stress, we are not able to do so in case of a pet. We consider it embarrassing that we express our grief for the dog in public. If we don’t put the burden off our chest, it can cause a serious mental problem. Therefore, we must express our feeling publicly to put the burden off our chest.Here are a few tips in this regard.
Arrange Funeral ceremony: for showing your sorrow of losing an animal you need to organize a ceremony which will help you to openly show your feelings Produce a Memorial: one way of decreasing the pain is to establish the good memories of the animal that you have had experienced with it. This is found to be helpful for relieving pain and sorrow.
Find Support:
Not everybody will be able to understand your situation. But, people that already went through such loss are better able to understand you. Their story can help you relieve. Further, they can give you some helpful advice as well.Hopefully, you found this information useful. And if you could not put the burden off your chest, it is time to give vent to your feeling. Publicly show your sorrow and mourn your loss.

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