Grandpa Makes Fool Of The Audit Officer And Gets Away With It

Audits Are Indispensable For Businesses, Governments And NGOs. While The Auditors May Like Doing Frequent Audits, But Those Getting Audited Consider It A Nightmare. While Most Of Us Are In A Panic State During An Audit, But There Are People Who Are Able To Take It Lightly. Today, We Have An Amusing Story Of Such An Old Man Who Turned His Audit Into A Funny Activity.Recently, A Grandpa Was Issued Notice For Audit By The IRS Office: Imagine How Ominous This Call Might Feel. The Grandpa And His Lawyer Reached The IRS Office. The Audit Officer Inquired About Grandpas Means Of Living Alleging That He Was Living Beyond Means. The Grandpa Responded That His Income Source Was Gambling.Hardly Anyone Can Get Convinced By This Answer. So The Audit Officer Told Him It Was Not Something Believable. But The Old Man Insisted He Was A Prudent Gambler And Could Prove It. So, The Grandpa Played A Trump Card And Offered The Audit Officer Demonstration Of His Art.
For A While Audit Officer Thought And Replied,