Living A Lonely Life Can Result In Introverted And Shy Nature. And It Creates A Lapse In The Personality And Sometimes Makes Us Feel Insecure. Same Is The Case With The Dogs; If They Live Without Care Their Playful Nature Diminishes Due To Lack Of Attention And Love.

Sometimes Sam Clarence Used To Take The Dogs On A Walk Voluntarily From A Neighboring Kennel. Sam Has A Very Good Empathy With Dogs So He Sensed That A Dog Was Not As Happy And Joyful Like Other Dogs In The Shelter House. So He Brought That Aged Bully Breed, Stanley, Home. As Sam Knew That Once Stanley Has Been Adopted Before But It Was Not A Successful Experience For The Nervous Dog.

After A Few Months Of Adoption, Stanley Is Totally A Changed Dog Now. It Took A While For A Dog To Get Used To The Idea Of Being Cared For By His Dad And That Love Transformed Stanley Into A Faithful And Delighted Nature Dog. And The Dog Becomes More Confident And Social Than Ever. Sam Has Turned Out To Be The New Love Of This Dog