An Animal Lover Fosters All The Senior Animal That Were Not Properly Catered In The Shelter

His Name Is Steve Grieg But People Call Him Animal-Man Because He Has A Big Collection Of Animals In His Home. He Lives In Colorado. He Has Since Adulthood Kept Three Or Four Pets With Him. Luckily, He Has A Spacious House For Fostering Several Pets.Actually, A Few Years Ago One Of Steve’S Favorite Dog Met An Untimely Demise Which Left A Life-Changing Impact On Him. In Memory Of His Dog, He Made Up His Mind To Help Other Animals. When Steve Came To Know That Rarely Do People Prefer Senior Animal. Further, These Are In Shaky Condition In The Shelter As They Are Overlooked .So, He Came Forward To Adopt The Most Senior Pet To Provide Him The Best. Steve Told The Dodo: