No Matter From Which Part Of The World Do You Belong, There Are A Few Traits That Are Common To All The Human Beings. There Is A Quite Clear Difference Between A Bachelor And A Married Life As Married Life Comes With A Lot Of Serious Responsibilities That You Have To Fulfill In Order To Ensure A Happy Life. However, What Sort Of Responsibilities Will Be Shared Among The Spouses Completely Depends On Them. There Are A Lot Of Examples Where The Men Take Care Of The House And The Women Go Out For The Work And Vice Versa.Recently, A News Came That The Three Men Got Married To The Three Different Women From The Different Parts Of The World As An Experiment. (You Might Get Shocked After Watching The Story Or You May Get A Laughter Attack Too So I Am Warning Before)
So, One Man, Who Was Married To A Greek National, Asked His Wife That She Had To Do Some Home Chores Such As Cleaning Their Room, The Dishes And The Kitchen As Well. Initially, He Did Not Observed Any Progress But Eventually, Like After Three To Four Days, He Found That His Wife Was Doing Exactly What He Has Asked Her To Do.The Second Man, Who Was Married To A Thailand National, Asked His Wife To Do The Same As The First Man But He Added The Dinner Too In The Chores List.

The Very First Day, She Had Not Performed Any Of The Task And They Had To Order The Food But The Second Day, He Found That She Had Cleaned The House At Least. Right After A Week, He Came Home And Found Everything In The Finest Form Plus A Mouthwatering Dinner On The Table Too.

The Third Man, Who Was Married To A Texas National, Asked His Wife The Same With The Addition Of Breakfast And Lunch Preparation And Washing The Clothes In The Chores List. When He Was Asked About Her Wife