A Five Leg Pup Survives Against Odds: Proving Predictions Of Vets Wrong

Miracles Do Happen, Don’T Believe? Well, I Hope After Watching This Story You Will Give It Another Consideration. Ellery Max, Now Quite Normal, As Well As Strong, When Born, Was Extremely Small And With An Unusual Deformity. Actually, He Had Five Legs. The Vets Told His Breeder That He Would Not Be Able To Survive A Few Days. With This Point In His Mind, His Breeder Thought It Was Not Worth It To Raise Him. So, Ellery Ended Up Being Raised In Southern California’S Local Shelter. After Few Days, The News Reached To Labelle Foundation And Laura Lee Labelle Decided To Take Him Into His Foundation. She Quickly Reached The Shelter And Took His Custody. Being Very Weak And Deformed, She Suffered Some Developmental Issues As Well.For Instance, It Took Her Three Weeks To Open Her Eyes And Suffered The Ingestion Problem Too.But, Laura Went Out Of The Way To Take Care Of Him. She Continued Spoon-Feeding Her Tiny Particles Until He Started Swallowing. Soon, Laura’S Efforts Were Bringing Fruit As The Puppy Started Growth. But, Another Problem Was Waiting For Her. The Extra Leg Didn’T Grow Proportionally Due To Which Ellery Could Not Walk Properly. The Vets Said The Leg Could Not Be Operated Because Ellery Was Too Weak To Go Through It. But, Laura Did Not Give Up And Took Extreme Care Of Ellery.
Soon, He Went Through A Surgery Wherein His Leg Was Amputated. Now Ellery Is Not Only Quite Normal But Strong As Well. He Has Proved Vets And His Breeder Wrong. Laura Proved That If You Help Sincerely You Can Save Lives. He Is Very Special To Laura.Though He Has Got Rid Of His Extra Leg That Caused Him To Lose A Home. He Could Not Get A Home. For The Adoption Of This Amazing Dog, You Can Visit- Road Dogs & Rescue. This Dog Deserves A Home.
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