Smart Methods To Clean The Cooker In Little Time

The Cooking Has Become Easy And Convenient With The Invention Of Cooker. Now Women Just Stuff Their Cooker With Material, Select Suitable Temperature And Do Their Other Work Till The Cooker Makes A Call. Particularly, The Automatic And Digital Attributes Of The Cooker Have Brought A Hell Of Ease In Cooking.Let’S Come To The Ugly Side Now, Which Is, Washing This Large Pot. It Is So Awful That Many Women Want To Leave It Unwashed For Days. A Work Can Become Easy If Done Smartly. So Here We Have Some Smart Tips To Clean This Augean Stables, I Mean The Slow Cooker.Remove Crust Mess With Hot Water
The Most Difficult Part Of Washing Utensils Is Scrubbing The Crusty Material. Luckily, We Have An Alternative To Eliminate Scrubbing Altogether. First, Take Some Water In The Cooker, Put Some Vinegar And Baking Soda, Then Heat The Cooker Around 3 To 4 Hours. Open The Lid When The Cooker Gets Cool And Wash It, The Crusty Material Will Automatically Come Off. Make A Special Scrub For Cooker
With 3 Simple Home Ingredients, A Special Scrub Can Be Made That Will Enable You To Easily Wash The Dirty Cooker. To Make The Magical Paste, Mix Baking Soda And Castile Soap, And Add Some Essential Oil Drops. Mix It For 5 Minutes And The Paste Is Ready To Use. Simply Apply The Paste On The Dirty Surfaces Of Your Cooker And Scrub With A Sponge And See The Magic.An Easy Trick For Removing Brown Residue
By Using , The Inside Surfaces Of The Cooker Develop A Brown Residue, Which Is Very Difficult To Remove By Usual Methods. With Our Brand New Trick, You Can Easily Clean This Mess. Add Household Ammonia Into A Small Glass And Put The Glass Inside The Cooker, Then Close The Cooker And Let It Rest For A Night. In The Morning Take Ammonia Glass Out, Now Take A Damp Cloth, Put Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda Onto It And Get Rid Of The All Mess. It Will Not Only Easily Come Off, But The Surface Would Shine Like New.Use Of Non-Stick Cooking Spray
To Kill The Evil In The Bud, Use Cooking Spray That Prevents The Food From Sticking On Pots. Never Used It Before, Give It A Try Now As It Works. With Non-Stick Spray Applied, The Cooking Becomes Enjoyable As You Know There Would Be No Mess To Clean.Use Disposable Liners
With Disposable Liners In Place, You Get Rid Of Rigorous Scrubbing. These Liners Are Manufactured In Such A Way As To Fit Cookers Like The Roasting Bags. So Do Use These Liners Next Time If You Want To Avoid Tough Work Of Cleaning Your Dirty Cooker. Use Aluminum Foil
Another Excellent Technique Is To Use Aluminum Foil In The Cooker. You May Not Know But This Is Absolutely Safe For All The Things That Can Be Baked In Aluminum Foil. Particularly Use Aluminum Foil To Make Baked Potatoes, Cakes, And Bread. This Way Your Cooker Will Remain Clean And The Work Becomes Easy. Variations In Temperature
Another Common Misuse That Often Results In A Break Of Ceramics Is Quick Temperature Variation. Make Sure You Don’T Quickly Switch From Very Low To High Temperature, It Is Harmful To Your Cooker. It Can Result In Shatter Or A Crack. Stay Cautious, Stay Safe.

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